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Friday, December 7, 2012

A Little Horror Information For The World



My latest collections of horror short stories and poems are finished and available for purchase.

The Horrorwalker Travel Guide, Volume 1, is comprised of the first 25 Horrorwalker Travel Guide horror tales. These tales take place in 25 American states… of horror. Volume 2 will conclude with the other 25 states of… horror! These are horror tales presented to us by the Horrorwalker as cautionary warning of what awaits us everyday out there in the… Horrorwalker World.

Meals For Vampires is comprised of twenty-five vampire themed short stories and poems which follows the same 50 states of horror theme.

You are to savor these tales, one at a time. Consider the horror and always remember that the thing bumping in your night, just outside your domicile, might actually be luring you outside for your… blood!

We, at the Horrorwalker World, are here to advise you and help you in any way we can. After being contacted by The Horrorwalker you are ultimately the only person who can bring your Horrorwalker experience to its ultimate conclusion. Let us discuss your Horrorwalker encounters at Horrorwalker World @

Back to MEALS FOR VAMPIRES. These stories are examples of the bloodthirsty vampire Horrorwalker horror. The focus here is vampire tales… but, as you know, there is so much more here to be told. These MEALS FOR VAMPIRES tales were filtered through a special editor. You will meet him, and his Vampire Logic, in the book.

Next up, in 2013, is -- MEALS FOR VAMPIRES 2!

And after that is the second Horrorwalker tome: THE HORRORWALKER TRAVEL GUIDE: 50 STATES OF HORROR, Volume 2!

And then comes DARK CREATURES! And then comes… more!

We, at the Horrorwalker World, shiver as we think about some of these tales! You have several books to steel yourselves with before DARK CREATURES invade your nightmares. But, until then…



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