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Saturday, November 1, 2014



Here are a few words of thanks, and respect, to the readers of my Horrorwalker World prose and poetry... as well as my Arjayuniverse writings.

Oh, and I hope you enjoyed part one of my soft Halloween horror tale: THE RETURN OF THE LITTLE GHOST.


Hello Friends,

I thank every person who continues to come back, from day to day and from week to week, to read my horror prose and horror poetry... in addition to the social non-fiction I post every day. This is all a self-imposed labor of love for me. I write because of a cathartic need to express the continually building pressure of thoughts and story plots that race through my brain cells every second of my day... and night. I have reams and reams of paper stacked here and there, and notebooks filled with scribbles and notes of the ideas that scream at me to write them down on paper.

And... I want to give a little explanation about one aspect of my brain that I ALWAYS fret about with myself. You know, some of us talk to ourselves... especially when we are doing something intense -- like writing! The one thing I complain to myself about is my Dyslectic mind.

I self-edit everything I write. And it can be a battle sometimes when I read over a story five times and I still miss a mistake like making the word "it" into the mistake "ot." The frustration is... I read over my work multiple times, but I still see "it" when I look at the mistake "ot."

So, if you see little mistakes like that in my writing, there is a reason.

This is a battle MANY people have! Young people with this issue can be EXTREMELY DISTRAUGHT if the adults around them refuse to to be humans and realize that when they are attacking their children by accusing them of not trying to learn, that in fact the child might not be properly processing the words he is reading. A simple test by a parent can tell the tale.

Have your child write you a paragraph about his, or her, day. If your reading skills are not up to par with dissecting grammar and syntax and all that advanced English stuff... find a friend, or a teacher, to examine the child's writing. The answers to what is going on inside your child's mind WILL be right there on paper.

You never know... you might have the next great writer, or the next great journalist, right there inside your house.

Oh, and NEVER forget to hug your child and gently let her know that you LOVE her and will always be there for her!

Oh my, what a right angle turn I just made. Hoo boy... I guess I needed to get a personal demon off my shoulder.

OK, in closing... this missive was suppose to be a thank you for reading my writing. And, I wanted to tell you that I try my best to be mistake free, but I hope you will understand that all I want to to is write my horror tales to entertain YOU.

Thanks for coming back... and I hope I can, one day, write something that really knocks your socks off.

Have a good rest of 2014. And I'll see you later today when I post the next FOURTH LINE OF HORROR tale!


Thursday, October 30, 2014



For HALLOWEEN day only...
An excerpt from:

Tonight is a special Halloween night.
Tonight you will be visited by a special Trick or Treater.

From the dark places in the frightening corners of The Horrorwalker World...
Presenting --
A horror tale with a beating heart...



Please visit Friday, October 31, 2014!

Or, wait for it... because I will post it to my followers and horror friends.

Story to be posted around 10:00 AM!
Story to be removed sometime during Halloween Night!

Be sure to visit the story.
You've already read my horror writing,
So you know I can entertain you.
Check it out...
And Happy Halloween, everybody!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014



Ronald Lee Jones

A Horrorwalker World Production
Horror For Adults... And Teens, Too!


OFF THE OCEAN is Horrorwalker Travel Guide: Tome One of the moments-in-time story of the many dangerous adventures of two North Carolina brothers as they explore the vast area of the North Carolina shoreline, and more, of the place of their births and the place where they live... just OFF THE OCEAN.

What they have discovered, and stumbled upon, as they push farther and farther into the depths of the unknown is this... sometimes horror is the discovery you will make.

Their names are in the novel. Their occupations are in the novel. What they discover, in this life altering first big discovery inside a notoriously dangerous coastal cave... OFF THE OCEAN... changes the paradigm of how they view the world around them... from their relationship with each other to the way they view the danger of the caving that drives them forward toward extreme exploration.

Coastal North Carolina, below Wilmington and above the South Carolina state line is made up of rivers, channels, the Intracoastal Waterway, streams, lakes and ponds... a few large cities and many very old small towns... forest land and swamp land... plants and animals only found in coastal North Carolina... and Sonny Point, the massive secretive military base sequestered just... OFF THE OCEAN... a few miles south of Wilmington.

Other than the general knowledge that Sonny Point is an open secret largest military terminal in the world... a massive ammunition point for the American military... since it was built in 1951, the millions of area residents know as little about the military installation today as they knew in the '50's when the rumors about Sonny Point began to leak into the public. Few civilians have seen the entrance, let alone anything else about Sonny Point.

Are there ancient creatures and plants that have survived over the centuries in the North Carolina coastal area... OFF THE OCEAN. Or, what secrets is the military holding on this massive installation? And what secrets from that massive installation may have either escaped, or accidentally, found their, or its, way... OFF THE OCEAN... over the course of 60 years plus?

Perhaps the protagonists of this story might have stumbled one such mystery in that cave, on that day, in the darkness... OFF THE OCEAN!

Look for OFF THE OCEAN this winter!
I am seeking a publisher right now.
If you are intrigued by what you have read...
Send some vibes to your favorite publishing house.

You have read my horror short story writing.
Now I want to show you horror in the long form.
You will see it soon,
In one way or the other.


Friday, July 11, 2014



It is pure craziness, all this LeBron James conspiracy theory idiocy. The fact is this -- these athletes are not the devious money grabbing Robber Barons you folks make them out to be. These are basketball players who are navigating their way through the brutal business world of the NBA.

The NBA will chew up LeBron James and spit him out one year down the road. Every basketball player eventually gets used up by the NBA and when that happens... the NBA will sweep that player out the back door like so much trash. It is the rare exception to the rule that can hang on past his expiration date.

LeBron is doing what the most powerful player in the NBA can do... go anywhere he wants to to play basketball. He has only gone to two places to play... and what in the heck is wrong with that?

For a whip smart, well read high school graduate, LeBron James has done pretty well for himself.

Hey, he is going back home. Imagine the boost to the economy LeBron James is dragging along behind him from Miami. He brings countless millions of dollars to the economy of Akron and Cleveland... and the surrounding cities and counties.

Miami is awash in cash and clubs and babes and beaches and blow! LeBron is taking the cash back to Ohio! He is probably abjectly ecstatic to leave the clubs and the babes and the beaches and the blow down in Florida!

Good for you, LeBron! I have your back right here in the Horrorwalker World! If you ever need someone to write for your empire... contact me right here.

I know you are a good guy. It is evident in the way you comport yourself on, and off, the court. I hope you have ten more years on the NBA in the best if health.

Take care, Sir. And much respect to you and yours.

Ronald Lee Jones



(Click the above line.)

This sounds like it is going to be a great Comic-Con event. I hope DC will announce an upcoming Swamp Thing and The Spectre horror projects. DC could rule the horror genre for a while with projects like House Of Mystery and The Sandman and The Doom Patrol and House Of Secrets and Preacher and the most awesome/sad character in comics -- Metamorpho and Urania Blackwell also-known-as Element Girl!

If you want to read one of the most profound/sad/awesome tales Neil Gaiman ever wrote for DC, seek out SANDMAN #20 to read the mind numbing tale of a superhero, Element Girl, who cannot die, but is seeking anyway possible to end, what she believes to be, her miserable life! How she finally gets her wish is simply... awesome -- thanks to the fantastic Neil Gaiman!

Imagine this for a moment, folks... THE DOOM PATROL directed by Matthew Vaughn!


Tuesday, July 1, 2014



Announcement number one!

There are only two more episodes left of...


After a short break,
Season three will begin the next string of...
 Thirteen horror stories from the Horrorwalker World --
Horror tales gleaned from the world of...
The Horrorwalker Travel Guide!

There are only five seasons of -- 
The Countdown To Horror Zero!
Always come back here for your weekly dose of...
Horrorwalker horror!


Announcement number two!

What should be you new guilty daily pleasure?
May I suggest...


Click right here to visit:

Simply like the horror blog to receive daily doses of --

 Horrorwalker Horror!

Every day,
In four lines,
A horror tale for you!


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Disrespecting The Walking Dead... On WJFK Radio, Washington, DC

Hello horror fans...

There is a radio station in the Washington DC area, WJFK, that has several popular four hour blocks of Shock Jock Sports Talk Radio Shows that run throughout every day of the work week. The DJ's, all of them, are sexist, racist, homophobic and believe to a man that the world revolves around their individual opinions. I have written about, and called-out, the derision on this radio station for years. And I am about to give it to one of the major jerks on the radio station about something he said about The Walking Dead last week.

The DJ's name is Chad Dukes. This dude believes his backward, Neanderthal word is law. I believe he is an ignorant gnat who has one saving grace in his miserable existence --  his sharp sarcastic/racist wit. There are few people on the radio who can out-talk Chad Dukes.

His mouth is like Howard Stern used to be... without the obvious turns of words that can get him fired. But, he is smart enough to talk all around those words to make his divisive points.

He IS a student of what words he can say that take him right up to the line of Rush Limbaugh. It is all about being an ignorant smart mouth, lavishing his rabid audience with tales of his over-the-top gun fetish and threatening the rest of the audience with tales of his ever growing gun count.

I'll leave the expose of the racism and the bigotry and the homophobia for another time. And oh, he has a Co-host named Lavar Arrington... yea, the former Washington "Redskin!" An equal amount of the homophobia and ignorance comes from Arrington.

Oh, and don’t get Lavar Arrington started about Native Americans. You will think you are hearing the words of a racist white man from Virginia of 1814!

Dukes declared, one day during the last week, that The Walking Dead is “The worst written show on television and I’ll talk about it later.”

I do not know if he has talked about his opinion of the writing on The Walking Dead... I have been too turned off to the radio station because of the screaming homophobia by ALL of the DJ’s about the football player who decided to come out BEFORE the draft, and because of the ignorant attitude of blaming the bullying case of the Miami Dolphins team members on the victim, Jonathan Martin, and giving the alien basket case, Richie Incognito, any bit of a pass on his crazy behavior.

This is also another story for another day.

I wrote all this to say that WJFK stocks its workers with  fools who are insensitive to anyone outside of their bizarre view of the way the world must conform to the derisive culture of the NFL.

And, that if you eventually hear Chad Dukes cut into the excellent television hour that is The Walking Dead... remember this, as a fan of great TV writing... even if an hour of a television show is devoid of words, someone wrote the screenplay. Words of direction and plot are the guiding force that takes you through the episode.

Dukes was obviously pissed-off at the slow, mostly silent, pace of the last episode featuring the Michonne and Carl. He is too stupid to realize that he witnessed pure genius that night, written by Robert Kirkland himself.

What in the hell was wrong with Robert Kirkland giving the loving true audience an intimate look into the social growth of three of the most interesting characters on the show? Every The Walking Dead fan now has a better understanding of the relationship these three people now have... and obviously will have... with each other going forward.

Only the Shock Jock ignorant, or the Shock Jock stupid, or those TV viewers who HAVE to be the gratuitous dissenting voice will have come away from that excellent episode, especially the parts about the young man’s almost deadly realization that he cannot live in this world without the father he has been disrespecting, without the realization that they just watched an excellent hour of TV.

So trust your own eyes and ears as to the validity of the excellence of The Walking Dead. And don’t let the stupid, mouth breathing, ignorant Shock Jocks on WJFK radio infect your mind with their stupid derision.

Now... let us all prepare ourselves for the next excellent episode of the best program (MY OPINION) on TV -- The Walking Dead, 9:00 PM on AMC, tonight, Sunday, 2-16-14!


Saturday, February 8, 2014

We All Watch The Walking Dead, Right?

Well now, 
Horror fans... 
The Walking Dead, 
Followed by The talking Dead, 
Returns to AMC tomorrow night (2-09-14). 
After the carnage of the final episode of the first half of last season... 
What horror madness is in store for us fans for this half of the season?

Entertainment Weekly just gave several spoilers in the most recent issue. 
I will not repeat them here, 
But there are some GOOD things in store for fans of The Walking Dead carnage drama.

So, let's go visit The Walking Dead... again!


Dear readers of the horror tales... 
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All you have to do is friend me on Facebook,
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I have many, 
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Continue to follow me,
As I follow The Horrorwalker, 
And you will be exposed to all of my literature.
And maybe this Horrorwalker stuff will come to clarity.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

January 6th -- The Countdown To Horror Zero Presents: DEMON CLAWS!

January 6, 2014
(sometime during the ominous day)

Welcome to the next chapter of --
The Horrorwalker Travel Guide horror anthology blog:


Presented for your horror perusal,
The next horror tale:


Presented in its expanded long form, 
This classic Horrorwalker Travel Guide Tale,
Of a not-so-chance meeting with... something deadly evil,
Is your warning into the future for how to handle this possible encounter.

There will be blood!
There will be the rending of human flesh!
There will be death and unrelenting hopelessness,
If you Encounter: