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Friday, July 11, 2014



It is pure craziness, all this LeBron James conspiracy theory idiocy. The fact is this -- these athletes are not the devious money grabbing Robber Barons you folks make them out to be. These are basketball players who are navigating their way through the brutal business world of the NBA.

The NBA will chew up LeBron James and spit him out one year down the road. Every basketball player eventually gets used up by the NBA and when that happens... the NBA will sweep that player out the back door like so much trash. It is the rare exception to the rule that can hang on past his expiration date.

LeBron is doing what the most powerful player in the NBA can do... go anywhere he wants to to play basketball. He has only gone to two places to play... and what in the heck is wrong with that?

For a whip smart, well read high school graduate, LeBron James has done pretty well for himself.

Hey, he is going back home. Imagine the boost to the economy LeBron James is dragging along behind him from Miami. He brings countless millions of dollars to the economy of Akron and Cleveland... and the surrounding cities and counties.

Miami is awash in cash and clubs and babes and beaches and blow! LeBron is taking the cash back to Ohio! He is probably abjectly ecstatic to leave the clubs and the babes and the beaches and the blow down in Florida!

Good for you, LeBron! I have your back right here in the Horrorwalker World! If you ever need someone to write for your empire... contact me right here.

I know you are a good guy. It is evident in the way you comport yourself on, and off, the court. I hope you have ten more years on the NBA in the best if health.

Take care, Sir. And much respect to you and yours.

Ronald Lee Jones

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