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Wednesday, July 16, 2014



Ronald Lee Jones

A Horrorwalker World Production
Horror For Adults... And Teens, Too!


OFF THE OCEAN is Horrorwalker Travel Guide: Tome One of the moments-in-time story of the many dangerous adventures of two North Carolina brothers as they explore the vast area of the North Carolina shoreline, and more, of the place of their births and the place where they live... just OFF THE OCEAN.

What they have discovered, and stumbled upon, as they push farther and farther into the depths of the unknown is this... sometimes horror is the discovery you will make.

Their names are in the novel. Their occupations are in the novel. What they discover, in this life altering first big discovery inside a notoriously dangerous coastal cave... OFF THE OCEAN... changes the paradigm of how they view the world around them... from their relationship with each other to the way they view the danger of the caving that drives them forward toward extreme exploration.

Coastal North Carolina, below Wilmington and above the South Carolina state line is made up of rivers, channels, the Intracoastal Waterway, streams, lakes and ponds... a few large cities and many very old small towns... forest land and swamp land... plants and animals only found in coastal North Carolina... and Sonny Point, the massive secretive military base sequestered just... OFF THE OCEAN... a few miles south of Wilmington.

Other than the general knowledge that Sonny Point is an open secret largest military terminal in the world... a massive ammunition point for the American military... since it was built in 1951, the millions of area residents know as little about the military installation today as they knew in the '50's when the rumors about Sonny Point began to leak into the public. Few civilians have seen the entrance, let alone anything else about Sonny Point.

Are there ancient creatures and plants that have survived over the centuries in the North Carolina coastal area... OFF THE OCEAN. Or, what secrets is the military holding on this massive installation? And what secrets from that massive installation may have either escaped, or accidentally, found their, or its, way... OFF THE OCEAN... over the course of 60 years plus?

Perhaps the protagonists of this story might have stumbled one such mystery in that cave, on that day, in the darkness... OFF THE OCEAN!

Look for OFF THE OCEAN this winter!
I am seeking a publisher right now.
If you are intrigued by what you have read...
Send some vibes to your favorite publishing house.

You have read my horror short story writing.
Now I want to show you horror in the long form.
You will see it soon,
In one way or the other.


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