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Saturday, November 1, 2014



Here are a few words of thanks, and respect, to the readers of my Horrorwalker World prose and poetry... as well as my Arjayuniverse writings.

Oh, and I hope you enjoyed part one of my soft Halloween horror tale: THE RETURN OF THE LITTLE GHOST.


Hello Friends,

I thank every person who continues to come back, from day to day and from week to week, to read my horror prose and horror poetry... in addition to the social non-fiction I post every day. This is all a self-imposed labor of love for me. I write because of a cathartic need to express the continually building pressure of thoughts and story plots that race through my brain cells every second of my day... and night. I have reams and reams of paper stacked here and there, and notebooks filled with scribbles and notes of the ideas that scream at me to write them down on paper.

And... I want to give a little explanation about one aspect of my brain that I ALWAYS fret about with myself. You know, some of us talk to ourselves... especially when we are doing something intense -- like writing! The one thing I complain to myself about is my Dyslectic mind.

I self-edit everything I write. And it can be a battle sometimes when I read over a story five times and I still miss a mistake like making the word "it" into the mistake "ot." The frustration is... I read over my work multiple times, but I still see "it" when I look at the mistake "ot."

So, if you see little mistakes like that in my writing, there is a reason.

This is a battle MANY people have! Young people with this issue can be EXTREMELY DISTRAUGHT if the adults around them refuse to to be humans and realize that when they are attacking their children by accusing them of not trying to learn, that in fact the child might not be properly processing the words he is reading. A simple test by a parent can tell the tale.

Have your child write you a paragraph about his, or her, day. If your reading skills are not up to par with dissecting grammar and syntax and all that advanced English stuff... find a friend, or a teacher, to examine the child's writing. The answers to what is going on inside your child's mind WILL be right there on paper.

You never know... you might have the next great writer, or the next great journalist, right there inside your house.

Oh, and NEVER forget to hug your child and gently let her know that you LOVE her and will always be there for her!

Oh my, what a right angle turn I just made. Hoo boy... I guess I needed to get a personal demon off my shoulder.

OK, in closing... this missive was suppose to be a thank you for reading my writing. And, I wanted to tell you that I try my best to be mistake free, but I hope you will understand that all I want to to is write my horror tales to entertain YOU.

Thanks for coming back... and I hope I can, one day, write something that really knocks your socks off.

Have a good rest of 2014. And I'll see you later today when I post the next FOURTH LINE OF HORROR tale!