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Thursday, April 4, 2013



You have landed on the: 

Later, you will be introduced to the many other Arjayuniverse "Worlds Of Words." MEALS FOR VAMPIRES, WEREWOLVES HOWLING AT THE MOON, BLOOD PLASMA and THE HORRORWALKER TRAVEL GUIDE are just four examples of what you will find on The Horrorwalker "World Of Words".

These places are where mysterious creatures exist to often times plague mankind. You are about to be introduced to the monstrous things in the darkness that are out to get you. Vampires, werewolves, zombies, monsters and creatures all openly inhabit the HORRORWALKER WORLD. And the most deadly horror of all them all openly walks these frightful grounds. They are the humans, and they are more often the hunter than the hunted.

The HORRORWALKER WORLD is named after that strange creature of darkness and mystery -- 
The Horrorwalker. 

It is its own study in horror, terror, mystery and the sublime. You must find the various Horrorwalker World sites for more Horrorwalker mystery and explanation. Please walk carefully in these most awesome, dangerous places.

Humans have yet of discover the origin of The Horrorwalker. It has, perhaps, walked the earth since the planet’s inception. Throughout time immemorial, humans have told tales, verbally and through artistic rendition, of a human-like creatures of darkness and light who carries with it a sharp weapon-like instrument and a huge mysterious tome of stories it forces people to read. The tales in the tome always come true -- in the day or in the future. And occasionally, the person visited by The Horrorwalker is the protagonist of the story who must live the story through to the inevitable conclusion… sometimes to horrible effect.

In 1977, I decided to follow, and research, Horrorwalker stories and the people who own them. The more information I gather tells me that the Horrorwalker has touched the lives of an extraordinarily large amount of people on a world spanning scale. Some people are proud to talk about their encounter… others, well, they are still shaken, perhaps decades later, to their souls by their Horrorwalker encounter and they will not speak of it -- even to me. They might carry their Horrorwalker encounters to their graves.

I have experienced many extreme close encounters with Horrorwalker horror over the past 36 years of Horrorwalker research, since my own Horrorwalker encounter in 1975. I have battled 6 vampires, killed 2 werewolves, helped to trap 5 things, and destroyed 4 monsters with the help of monster hunters. And now, I Curate these Horrorwalker Horror blogs. My mission is to keep all of you informed of the dangerous horror walking among you every day… and night.

Here is a sampling of the horror prose and poetry relayed to the world at large by the Horrorwalker horror. Be entertained by the words you are about to feed upon. There is entertainment to be enjoyed in these words. But remember this -- when you are walking down that midnight dark, full moon lit highway, empty milk jug in hand, on your way to find some gas for your empty car's tank, and you suddenly hear heavy breathing and crunching twigs and rustling leaves in the woods around you... the question suddenly becomes, "What in the hell do I do now?"

And you suddenly remember what you read in the HORRORWALKER TRAVEL GUIDE short story 'South Carolina Pine Tree Sap'. You will instantly ask yourself, "Is it safer to run back to my car or chance running toward the distance." You remember what the wrong decision meant for the fate of Trisha Dayton, don't you?

Presenting… the Horrorwalker Horror!


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