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Friday, January 18, 2013

Ever Hear Of A Movie Called -- BLINK?

I must admit, before I continue this short review of this Michael Apted directed movie from 1994, that I am not particularly a fan of Madeleine Stowe. I have absolutely nothing against Madeleine Stowe... I just haven't followed her career.  She is, of course, well know and has worked in Hollywood for a few decades. Obviously, she is very pretty and I always assumed she was a good actress because I've never heard a negative work about her.

Earlier today, I was about to write an article. I took the remote control in hand to turn off the television from MSNBC. Before I pressed the off button, I subconsciously decided to flick over to the HBO channels just to have a quick look. A movie was just about to begin and I decided to wait a minute to see what it was. As the credits began to roll, and the movie began to start... something about the look and tone of the movie caught my attention. And, before I knew what happened to me, two hours had passed and the movie was over.

I had never heard of a movie called BLINK. I obviously missed this movie big time back in 1994. But several of the male actors were well known to me. Also, Laurie Metcalf always catches my attention. So, I was drawn in by the very good acting and the good plot. There is a fair amount of nudity, a couple of lightly graphic sex scenes, a whole lot of gritty Chicago attitude and some pretty good music -- played by the band that Madeleine Stowe's character is a member of. Actually, the band concept is integrated into the movie without one ounce of awkwardness. I was impressed by that fact.

The plot -- Madeleine Stowe's character is blind. Her doctor operates on her eyes and and gives her back her sight. She begins to see images of a murderer who, in time, begins to actually stalk her. She ultimately has a showdown with the evildoer that satisfied me just fine.

This is not a horror movie. It is a suspense story wrapped in a gritty, tough talking cop tale. It is not directed to make you jump... at all! BLINK is simply a gritty suspense story to entertain your itch for 2 hours of an interesting "who is the murderer" tale.

I liked this movie. I will give it a 6.5 out of 10. If you come across it late night, give it a watch. You will definitely guess that the wrong person is the bad guy several times through the movie. And, I give Madeleine Stowe credit for being pretty daring with her short amount of nudity and for playing a fairly edgy character with a lot of Chicago attitude.

Pretty good movie...


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