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Friday, January 25, 2013

For You -- A Creepy Crawly Horrorwalker Nightmare

I remember my interactions with these ants, or ants like these, from many years ago. Some scientist first started noticing and reporting on Hairy Crazy Anrs ants around 2009, but I know these ants have been around much longer that that. As a kid in the deep south, I was always brushing off mini-armies of tiny ants whenever I played in the grass. That was normal living.

Even though Hairy Crazy Ants, or other ants, are a vexing mess because they can overwhelm everything, they do displace Fire Ants. Ever experienced the horror of one Fire Ant bite? Well unfortunately, Fire ants attack as a mass... like swarming crawling killer bees. And, like Killer Bees, there is a good chance that they will kill you.
And Crazy Hairy ants, or thir small relatives? They can literally cover you in a very short time.
Ants... nature needs them! But humans? Not so much...

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