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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Another Introduction Into The Horrorwalker World

When we meet, one day in the near future, don't be offended if I hand you one of these. This is the information you need to peruse in order to, quite possibly, save yourself from horrors unknown to average mankind, and you! Make sure you have one of yours on hand to give to me. I can tell you five minutes worth of information about me in the instant it take me to hand you this...

The horror in the Horrorwalker World grows larger every day. Zombie infections, Werewolf sighting, Vampire blood lettings, monster madness, creature craziness and as usual... the most dangerous creatures on the Horrorwalker World, the Humans, are more often the hunter than the prey!

And throughout it all, the ever mysterious Horrorwalker continues to randomly appear before humans around the globe to spread the messages it holds inside its Horrorwalker Travel Guide Tome.

Come walk with me as I follow the Horrorwalker horror throughout the darkness, and the light, of The Horrorwalker World!


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